About Me

Dr. Gloria Wu MD is Co-Founder of Train Your Eyes, Clinical Instructor at UCSF School of Medicine and a practicing ophthalmologist and retina specialist. Dr. Gloria Wu's first academic appointment was at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary as Associate Staff Surgeon at Harvard Medical School. She moved to San Jose in 2003 when her husband Paul Wang MD became Chief of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Professor of Medicine, at Stanford University Medical School. In 2003, Dr. Gloria Wu started her practice in Los Gatos by the Los Gatos Hospital, now El Camino Hospital Los Gatos and moved to her present location at 2550 Samaritan Drive, Suite C, San Jose CA in 2010.

Dr. Gloria Wu was the 6th woman to be elected into the Retina Society in 1992, a prestigious organization where the membership is limited. Dr. Gloria Wu has been interested in health disparities, writing about such issues since 2004 at her national research meetings such as the Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), the largest eye meeting in the world. In addition, her travels to Asia as a physician led her to create Journal of Asian Health, a web journal, to highlight the various health disparities in the different asian communities in the world.

Moving to Silicon Valley led Dr. Gloria Wu to explore mobile apps and its ability to engage with patients. She is very excited about her Eyequix mobile app which does eye games for vision enhancement for people of all ages.

Dr. Wu was exposed to many cultures at a young age, having been born in Cuba, and eventually moving to the United States, as a young child. By the time Dr. Gloria Wu was six years old, she was speaking three languages. Dr. Gloria Wu spent a majority of her youth between three of America’s greatest cities Chicago, New York and Boston. Dr. Gloria Wu believes her empathy and understanding of people from different cultures derived from living in multicultural communities. As such, she is able to break through cultural and linguistic barriers to provide top quality healthcare. Dr. Gloria Wu has a multilingual practice with medical staff who speak Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Dr. Wu is married to Dr. Paul Wang, MD, a cardiologist and has two daughters, one in Los Angeles and one in Northern California.


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